Clarus, the Dogcow : Moof Museum

A museum dedicated to Clarus, the Dogcow (Apple DTS mascot : she can flip, she can do precise alignment, and she moof!)

Collection : Outside Apple (Wallpapers)

Clarus as the mascott of the Apple DTS team has inspired many, here you'll find all wallpapers created by its fans.


Author: unknown

Original source has been lost, sorry.


Author: Thomas Leonard - 2001

Source : Macdesktops

Pocket PC

Author: unknown - 2002

Source : pocketpcskin

Before smartphone and tablets, there was PocketPC. And for PocketPC you could find a skin dedicated to Clarus.

Moof OS X

Author: Tom Jack Whalen - 2002

Source : Macdesktops

Clarus Evolution

Author: Pierre-Alain Dorange - 2002

Source : MacDesktops

An attempt to adapt Clarus to MacOS X... But she definively looks better in pixels.

Clarus the Dogcow

Author: JasonRT/Hamett - 2004

Source : MacDesktops

Hamett build a wallpaper from an original artwork from JasonRT.

Clarus the Dogcow goes YTMND

Author: bic2 - 2005

Source :

A sort of psychedemoof wallpaper.

Clarus Series

Source : MacDesktops

Author: Dumblemore - 2005

Clarus for iPhone

Author: iSaint1206 - 2007

Source : iSaint1206 (flickr)

Basic wallpapar for iPhone : glorious to classic dogcow.



Author: xMetal - 2008

Source : Macintoshian (ars technica forum)

xMetal made a wallpaper for iPhone, with a 3D Clarus.


Author: Damian Ward - 2008

Source : Damian_Ward (flickr)

The classic Dogcow on the classic Mountain Dew Green. Simple but impressive.

Dogcow desktop

Author: SpyrotheBadassDragon - 2011

Source : deviantart

"This is Clarus the Dogcow, a running gag from Apple up until the release of OSX. Clarus lives on saying "Moof!" She is half-dog, half-cow. The background is my attempt at remaking the color pattern of the 80's-90's Apple logo, and is definitely NOT the gay pride flag (they have green somewhere in the middle)."

i was asked...

Author: Mason Sklar - 2012

Source : Mason Sklar (blog)

"I was asked to whip up a new desktop background for MCAD lab computers. This is what happened. It’s desktop sized obviously if you wanted to use it for some reason.

Overlay is quickly becoming my favorite layer blending mode."


Author: Pierre-Alain Dorange - 2014

Source : for the museum

Apple present OS X Yosemite on june 2014 during WWDC 2014.

Here an hommage to Yosemite and a reminder for Apple : Clarus is still missing.

Download large version (1680x945)