Clarus, the Dogcow : Moof Museum

A museum dedicated to Clarus, the Dogcow (Apple DTS mascot : she can flip, she can do precise alignment, and she moof!)

Collection : Real World, Street Arts and Paintings

Clarus escape in the street and become a muse for some street artists and painter.
We have a separate collection for Digital Arts

moof on rock

Author: unknown

Unfortunnally we loose the source for this picture and google image could not retrieve it either.

She looks like a prehistoric Clarus painted on rocks... A Clarusausor ?

i am moof

Author: ryguy510 (date unknow)

Source : ryguy510 (photobucket)

This drawing is called "i am moof", but not sure its related directly to Clarus...


Author: Matthew Balenger - 1997

Source : Matthew Belanger

Matthew made a large series of painting from 1997 to 1999 in a "Lascaux" style, including Clarus.

"In 1997 I began a series of drawings and paintings, using dirt and water applied with sticks and a garden hose on heavy paper, which I would later bury in my backyard. Weeks, months, and sometimes years later I unearthed whatever remained. These remains would later become the foundation for this series of work."

Dogcow painting

Author: Nicolas Humfrey - 2004

Source : njh (flickr)

Nicolas made himself this beautiful painting featuring Clarus in a Andy Warhol style.
It represents 4 differents Clarus, including : Cairo, LaserWriter, More Bovine and Precise Alignment...

Walk the walk

Author: Fatima - 2005

Source : efatima (flickr)

Fatima tooks this picture at the Apple Campus (Cupertino).


Author: leachboy - 2006

Source : applenova forums

Made with lego bricks.

Yuria 2007

Author: Yuria - 2007

Source : Mr Hulot Nothing Day (blog) & DesignMag

Yuria is a music festival organize by "Vinyl Micro Store" at Athens. Yuria posters were inspired by Dogs.
In 2007 Yuria was illustrated by a variation of Clarus (no spots).

You could found a CD compilation of Yuria 2007 on Discogs


Author: Nitrozac - 2007

Source : GeekCulture

Nitrozac is an artist known for its geek-comics "Joy Of Tech", but Nitrozac is also a painter and made series around Clarus.


Author: MachineToy - 2007

Source : machinetoy

Made with lego bricks.

Dogcow by Esher

Author: unknwon - 2008

Source : streetfilesss (flickr)

A very nice street graff starring Clarus the Dogcow in an Esher style.


Author: Dustin Newell - 2008

Source : dash16 (flickr)

Made with lego bricks.


SubPlot Dog

Author: Gary Sauer-Thompson - 2008

Source : thoughtfactory (flickr)

A paste-up on a wall in Adelaide.

no legs

Author: John Goodridge - 2008

Source : badjonni (flickr)

A paste-up on a wall in Adelaide.

How many dogs does it take to change a lightbulb?

Author: John Goodridge - 2008

Source : badjonni (flickr)

Another paste-up on a wall in Adelaide.

Dogcow Paste-up

Author: Witness 1 - 2008

Source : witness (flickr)

Another dogcow paste-up in Adelaide, King William Street.

Return of the Dogcow

Author: Witness 1 - 2008

Source : witness (flickr)

Another dogcow paste-up in Adelaide, Sym Choon Lane.

Is it art ?

Author: Lucas - 2010

Source : Not THAT Lucas (blog)

Lucas drink a lot of water.
In 2010 a kept saving caps from water bottle at work. After a while he try to make pixel-arts with those caps and... he draw a Dogcow.