Clarus, the Dogcow : Moof Museum

A museum dedicated to Clarus, the Dogcow (Apple DTS mascot : she can flip, she can do precise alignment, and she moof!)

Collection : Outside Apple, Digital Arts

Clarus become muse for many artists, find here Digital Arts Collection.
We have a separate collection for Street Arts.


Author: unknown

Source for this image has been lost, sorry... But it was called "dogcow"



Author: Pierre-Alain Dorange - 2000

Variations with Clarus and ascii-art.

ASCII art was an old waste time task, it consist to build a picture using only characters from standard acsii table.

Nowdays, developers had internet to waste their time.


Reservoir Dogcow Graphics

Author: Adam Betts - 2006

Source : adambetts (blog)

Adam Betts explain on his blog the process to create the graphics for "Reservoir Dogcow" a World Of Warcraft guild (do not exist anymore).

Of course the graphics envolves Clarus...

Check other pictures for the Reservoir site.


Apple Dogcow

Author: Len Peralta - 2007

Source : jawboneradio (flickr)

Len has the challenge to draw a cryptozoo creature(Monster by MailArt, theme cryptozoology), he choose a variation around the Dogcow...
There is a nice video where you can see Len drawing the Dogcow (youtube).

Very nice rendering with a touch of pixels.


Author: Paul Smith - 2007

Source : bathroom blog

Starting from a picture of a dog in front of a colorful wall, Paul creates digital variations envolving Clarus.



Author: C. Juarros - 2009

Source : thelaaarch (devianart)

And yes i'm a macfag, and a proud one at that.

Very cute interpretation.


Author: FanaticBillyBob - 2009

Anyone looking for a High-Res image of Clarus? Here ya go!

Source : @gabevidal (Devian Art)

Clarus and Macintosh (Minecraft)

Author: Ryan Eisworth - 2011

Source : Ryan Eisworth (flickr)

Minecraft was an online game with a pixel block design.
Of course Clarus made its way into this universe..

Ryan has crafted Clarus with Snow and Obsidian.

Clarus the dogcow, Minecraft

Author: Jellyfish Green - 2011

Source : JellyFishGreen (devianart)

Another Clarus in Minecraft.

Jellyfish made her in Survival Mode with Snow and Brimstone.

Moof block art (Minecraft)

Author: Ken147 - 2012

Source : Ken147 (

Another Clarus in Minecraft.

Ken147 is a mac fan, he build many classic icon into MineCraft.
Clarus here was build from original Cairo design, with visible pixels.


Author: Gabriel Benveniste - 2012

Gabriel made a picture of a book about Susan Kare with a very old digital camera : pxl2000 (1bit camera).

Source : @gabevidal (instagram)

A moof for youf: free bezier path

Author: Erica Sadun - april 9, 2013

Source : ericasadun

Erica create a Clarus made with a Bezier path.
Clarus leave pixel world for vector world.

The Bezier path definition is available here (for Objective-C)