Clarus, the Dogcow : Moof Museum

A museum dedicated to Clarus, the Dogcow (Apple DTS mascot : she can flip, she can do precise alignment, and she moof!)

Susan Kare (1983)

Collection : Susan Kare, "Macintosh artist"

Susan Kare design the first version of Clarus within Cairo font. Read details on our history page.
But after her career at Apple Inc. she still has made some creation with Clarus or inspired.

"z" glyph from Cairo font

Author: Susan Kare for Apple - 1983-1991
Size: 26x24 pixels

Image obtained on early Mac by keying "z" with the Cairo bitmap font. The Cairo font was included with the first Macintosh and was design by Susan Kare for Apple in 1983. Susan Kare design many icons, fonts and symbols for the early Macintosh system, including : original desk accesory panel, the trash icon, macpaint icons, geneva font...

At this time, neither the Dogcow nor Clarus have been recognised. No one notices this little dog in the Cairo symbol zoo... No-one except a few developers working on some printing software (see below)

The Cairo font was included from the first Macintosh (1984) until System 7.1 (1991). Some fan has rebuild a True Type vectorial font as an "hommage".

Clarus "more bovine head"

Author: Susan Kare - 1999
Size: 43x34 pixels

Susan has unofficially redesigned the LaserWriter Clarus in 1999 to give her a "more bovine head" and make her look closer to her Cairo original 'z'.
She send us this version.

Clarus Museum exclusive. They're only small differences but she looks much better!

Susan Kare official web site

Kare Biology

Author: Susan Kare

Kare Biology is a bitmap font, full of animals, some are probably inspired by the Dogcow...


Author: Susan Kare

Susan design many icons, here a strange dog, a cousin ?

Café Press

Author: Susan Kare - 2003

Source : Mooficon shop (

Years ago, Susan Kare used "Café Press" to release some goodies. Now she got its own shop (see below).

No more available.

Spotted Dog on Lavender

Author: Susan Kare - 2010

Source : KarePrint

Susan got an online shop where she sold some limited printed edition of its most famous icons, including Clarus renamed : "Spotted Dog on Lavender".

Some post they own limited edition on internet (see below).



Author: Mike Cohen - 2010

Source : mike3k (flickr)

Mike was happy with its original print from Susan Kare and share picture with us.

Clarus on my desk

Author: Cristiano Maria Gaston - 2011

Source : cgaston (flickr)

Cristiano is happy with its signed "spotted dog on lavender"

Lucky Moof!

Author: lalaBlog - 2011

Source : lalablog (blog)

"Lucky !!! Moof, signed and numbered by Susan Kare !!"


Author: Carl-Frédéric De Celles - 2011

Source : cfd (instagram)

"Comble du Apple fanboy."

Taco Town!!

Author: Billy Poulos - 2013

Source : infinitethrill (instagram)

Billy print it own revision of Susan Kare prints and put them in his room.
He do some modifications.