Clarus, the Dogcow : Moof Museum

A museum dedicated to Clarus, the Dogcow (Apple DTS mascot : she can flip, she can do precise alignment, and she moof!)

Collection : Outside Apple (home-made, DIY)

Clarus as the mascott of the Apple DTS team has inspired many.
Here discover all "home-made" objects related to Clarus (DIY) and discover the power of imagination. We have a separate collection for arts in real world.


Floating Moof & Vikings !?

Author: Joe Cunningham - 1995

Source : The 95' Raft Race ( & Joe's undercave (

Jim Gould participate to the 95' KHFI Raft Race (Austin), he tooks pictures.
He pictured an Apple Team raft : "the floating viking dogcow" (can you believe that ?)

Joe Cunningham (Apple technician) has also a website with pictures of the floating moof, but unfortunnally the site is now dead and Wayback Machine has only a very small picture...

Moof & Clarus

Author: Torgo - 1998

Source : torgo (

Torgo build up a MacQuarium (Aquarium made from a Macintosh 512k) and has in it, 2 fishs, one called Moof and the other Clarus.



Author: Mike Margolis - 2001

Source : mike axis production (

Mike customize its iBook and explain how he does on its web site.
Mike also bring this special iBook featuring Clarus at the WWDC 2001 and Steve Jobs smile at his iBook he says :

"It was fun at WWDC watching everyone do a double take when they saw my iBook. The first few days, nobody had seen an iBook so I was swamped with people wanting to play with it. Everyone loved it, and even though nearly everyone there had a Titanium, many of them were jealous! After playing with it they suddenly realized Clarus was in the apple.

Aaaaanyways, I was sitting in the front row at WWDC and I saw Steve Jobs take a peek at my new iBook when he was taking a swig of water on the sidelines and had a perplexed look on his face and later when he looked back he smiled. I didn't believe it at first, but 2 other people sitting in the front row near me later confirmed it - yep, Steve Jobs himself smiled at my iBook :-)

Clarus the dogpumpkin

Author: Nick Kocharhook - 2004

Source : Ko:(char *)hook (flickr)

For Halloween 2004, Nick carved a pumpkin with Clarus the Dogcow and she says moof!


Author: Anna - 2007

Source : uninorth (flickr)

Anna made herself this geek blanket with 8 x 12 pieces of old Apple T-Shirts.

Clarus the Dogcow

Author: Benjamin White - 2009

Source : benjibot (flickr)

Benjamin capture a stiched Dogcow, nice picture.


Author: ironvulva & evilsarah - 2009

Source : ironvulva (flickr)

Mike made a screen-print with Clarus, so he can now print Clarus on everything...


Author: Theo - 2009

Source : theo (flickr)

Theo build a giant thumb. At one step of the process, the block remind him Clarus, he made a picture...

Theo has a lot of imagination.



Author: Tantek Celik - 2010

Source : tantek (flickr)

Tantek has a Dogcow plate on his car.

iPhone Cairo

Author: unknow - 2010

Source : apple three smile

a small bag for your iPhone featuring Cairo's Dogcow stiching by hand.



Dogcow bot

Author: Erin - 2011

Source : RobotGrll

Erin build robots for fun.

In 2011 Erin build a new RobotGrrl robot featuring Clarus on top : Dogcow bot. This was a 2D picture of Clarus, and it make very comprehensive the 2D nature of Clarus and why it was so difficult to see her when view from side.

This robot then has been enhanced with an iPad Application to drive it.

Finally, Erin bring the robot to WWDC 2011 and also at the Apple Campus (Infinite loop, Cupertino).

You can see more at the RobotGrrl entry in the Real World : Visit developper conference Collection.

We also have a video from youtube demoing the robot controlled by an ipad.






Author: Tony Palomino - 2011

Source : Tony Palomino (picassa)

Tony build a life-size dogcow and document it with a picture gallery.

Then dogcow get dressed as a gift and goes to the party...

MacPaint CowDog

Author: Carlynorama- 2012

Source : carlynorama (thingiverse)

Carlynorama made a 3D simple Clarus board ready to be printed with a 3D printer.


Author: Guy Hivroni

Source : videopixil (flickr)

Guy sold some wood pictures he made :

"Unique Keycon of the Dog Cow icon from the original Mac OS icon set. Handmade key chain etched in wood."


Author: Pedro Ruiz - 2013

Source : woodpictures (etzy)

Pedro use the Etsy service to print on-demand personnalized keychain.
Of Clarus was part of it.

Print a Dogcow

Author: Pierre-Alain Dorange - 2013

Source : padorange (thingiverse)

Pierre-Alain made 3D Dogcow using OpenScad, 5 dogcow models ready to be printed at home with any 3D printer.

Included models: