Clarus, the Dogcow : Moof Museum

A museum dedicated to Clarus, the Dogcow (Apple DTS mascot : she can flip, she can do precise alignment, and she moof!)

Collection : Animals related to Clarus

Clarus has gave its name to many geeks pets, mostly dog... few cows...

Also see our collection "Poor Dogs" (animal dressed like a dogcow : WTF!)


Author: unknow

The source for this picture has been lost, we only knows the picture is called "dogcow-1"

The (small) dog looks like DogCattle.


Author: Wojciech Kowalski - 2006

Source : wmk (flickr)

The picture was tagged "dogcow" by its author.

fox2 is a curly dogcow ?

Ella the Dogcow

Author: Jeff Holland - 2008

Source : jholland (flickr)

Jeff took many pictures of its dog Ella, he tag them with Dogcow... Jeff is probably a geek.


Author: Mike M. - 2008

Source : mike's lab (blog)

Mike's mom has a new dog. She's a reincarnation of dogcow according to Mike.

dogcow goes moof

Author: Enrico Limcaco - 2008

Source : ezay (flickr)

Enrico recognize a dogcow in this dog,
Enrico has a lot of imagination and is probably a geek.


Author: Kylene Lynn - 2009

Source : byky (flickr)

Kylene pictured a dog and called it "Miles the dogcow"


Author: Marco Gomes - 2009

Source : marcogomes (flickr)

Marco capture a bag with a dog pictured on it. It immediatly reminds him Clarus and moof!


Author: Eva & David - 2009

Source : eva_david (flickr)

Eva took a nice shot of a dog sleeping with a cow... A new kind of dogcow ;-)


Author: Lucia Rodriguezh - 2011

Source : cia_art (flickr)

Lucia took pictures, this one feature a dog sitting in a street.
This dog remind dogcow for Lucia.


Author: unknow - 2012

Source : funnyphotos

A small dog just behind an ads, make him a dog-cow... literally.


Author: Gabriella Monique - 2012

Source : gabriellemonique (instagram)

Gabriella has a dog called Mack, but she also tag him dogcow.

The Dogcow

Author: Franck Simon - 2012

Source : fltp (flickr)

Franck picture this giant dog and call his picture "The Dogcow".
Dogcow don't know, but "the" is required...