Clarus, the Dogcow : Moof Museum

A museum dedicated to Clarus, the Dogcow (Apple DTS mascot : she can flip, she can do precise alignment, and she moof!)

Collection : Outside Apple (software)

Clarus as the mascott of the Apple DTS team has inspired many developers.
Here discover all softwares and source code related to Clarus outside Apple. We have a separate collection for software made by Apple and a special collection for Microsoft.

Cairo Shoot

Author: Duane Blehm - 1987

Source : Le Grenier du Mac

Cairo Shoot was an old game from 1987 for old Macintosh.
It's was simple game of shoot. You have to shoot at figures to match the random figures choosen by the computer.

Those figure came from Cairo dingbats font (see Susan Kare collection) and of course Clarus was part of it.




Author: Craig Hickman - 1989

Source : Le Grenier du Mac

KidPix was a drawing software for Kids.
First version used Cairo bitmap font for its stamp tool, so you can stamp dogcow with it (great) !

To learn more about KidPix, Craig write the history of its software on his blog.

Dogcow 3.1 (Windows)

Author: Andy Wilks - 1991-1992

Andy write this piece of software to bring Clarus to Windows 3.1, glory to him !

Dogcow for windows just display a dogcow wagging its tail (wag rate is adjustable from option menu).
You can run the software as many time you want and got many dogcow on your screen.

No ending fun, at no charge.

"I'll never forget DogCow for Windows, but I'll keep trying.
- Bill Machrone

Of all the programs I've reviewed this year, this is the best tail-wagging desktop accessory available.
- John C. Dvorak

DogCow has look and feel suit written all over it.
- Bill Gates

- Jim Seymour


SimLife, the genetic playground

Author: Maxis - 1992

Source : wikipedia

SimLife was a game by Maxis published in 1992 (Dos, Amiga, Windows and Macintosh).
The concept was to simulate ecosystem ; player can modify the genetics of plants and animals.

The game let the player populate its ecosystem with many animals, including Clarus, the Dogcow !

She was define has :


Author: Edward Kandrot - 1993

Source : cross (

Moof is an extension that replace all text by "moof", very useful for geeks : can lower your productivity to zero.



GlobalVillage Fax

Author: GlobalVillage - 1993

Source : lost

A pushmi-pullyu Clarus!
Facetious Global Village developers engineered a double-headed Clarus to illustrate print settings for their fax software.

Rolling your own MDEF (source code)

Author: Dave Mark - 1994

Source : mactech (volume 10, issue 6)

MacTech volume 10, issue 6 has an article for developer to handle MDEF.
The sample code show how to add pictures into menus, one picture is Clarus.


sorry, not pictures


Author: Griffin Cottle - 1997

Source : cross (

MacMoof is an extension written by Griffin Cottle.
When installed, MacMoof will Moof! when it is loaded during startup, along with displaying an icon that should be familiar to you.


Dogcow for MyEyes

Author: Manfred Shubert - 1997

Source : shubertit (

Schubertit has made a pack for MyEyes extension.
MyEyes was an old Mac extension that draw big eyes in the menubar following the cursor.
It was a very popular extension for old mac systems.

Dogcow for myeyes, replace the bigeyes by Clarus, a general improvement.



ClarusX (haxie)

Author: Roby Sherman - 2000-2005

Roby was a fan of Clarus, he develop a software to change de gray boring guy from MacOS X Printer dialog to bring back Clarus.

Roby release 3 revisions :

This software is no longer supported. It was a hack that replace directly the pictures used by MacOS X by Clarus's pictures (deep in the system).
Apple has change many times the location of original pictures, so has ClarusX to be updated for each MacOS X revision.

It's no more supported, if you use it, only apply it to supported system (check instructions).

Jaguar Character Palette

Author: unknow - 2002

Source : thinksecret (

Nick De Plume (Think Secret) illustrate its article about Jaguar (MacOS 10.2) with screenshots, one show a strange icon for charpalette in Jaguar : Clarus appears.

I'm not sure it was a standard feature of Jaguar, probably a hack on Nick's computer.

If you got more informations, please contact us.

sorry, not pictures

MacHack 2002

Author: various - 2002

Source : hax

MacHack was a Mac developer conference from 1986 to 2005.

In 2002 it seems Clarus was a central piece of inspiration because 6 softwares were wrotten and include on the annual MacHack CD :


Clarus, adium xtra

Author: Ant - 2008

Source : adiumxtra

Ant propose a simple Adium xtra that replace the original icon by Clarus with 3 states : standard, alert and connecting.
It also include the "moof!" sound for alert.

A must-have for all Clarus fan and Adium users.

ClarusClock 2.0 (Windows)

Author: Steve Szoczei - 2007

Source : softpedia

ClarusClock was a simple widget for Windows.

It's a clock, featuring Clarus as the second hand.

Memory System7

Author: MyOldMac - 2007

Source :

A simple memory game in the world of System 7, featuring Clarus, the Dogcow.

Play it online and discover the twin dogcow.

Clarus 1.0 widget (Windows)

Author: Sithious - 2008

Source : softpedia

Clarus was a simple widget for Windows.

"Clarus the dogcow wanders around your desktop saying "moof" every now and then. Not particularly useful, but cute.
clarus the dogcow will simply put a little "moof!" in your life!

Note that we can see Clarus walking and that she has 4 legs !


Author: KennettNet - 2009-2011

Source : tuaw

KennettNet release Clarus software in 2009, it was a pet management software.
The software was called Clarus and if you look closely to its icon you could see that the name has been choosen carefully.

Download demo

FridgeNotes (iOS)

Author: - 2009

Source : MacWorld

FridgeNotes is a simple app to make notes.
Its originality is that notes are presented on a virtual fridge fixed with magnet.
One magnet figure Clarus.

1984, theme for iPhone (iOS)

Author: unknow - 2010

Source : iThemeSky

1984 is a theme for iPhone that change you iPhone into a smartphone from 1984 : black and white icons.
FlickR application got a new icon featuring Clarus.

Require a jailbrake iphone with iOS 3 or iOS 4.


Author: Twitter - 2011

Source : MacScene

Twitter for Mac has a sort of eastern egg, the software include an icon that is not used : birdcow.
This icon represent the twitter logo (the bird) in pixelated graphics inspired by Clarus, the Dogcow.


Author: Goichu Hirakawa - 2002 - 2013

Source : Kurade

Gyazmail include a bonus feature : you can add a button to the dock, this button show a dogcow that emit the sound "moof!" when you click on it.

Very useful for every Clarus fan.


Author: Lobotomo software - 2003 - 2010

Source : Lobotomo

MoofMenu bring back two things Apple has abandon when MacOS X was released :


FontExplorer X Pro 3.0

Author: Linotype - 2011

Source : MacWorld

FontExplorer is a profesionnal software to manager fonts.
This revision introduce a refine print layout for fonts, the dialog box include an "hommage" to Clarus : the paper orientation is figured by a nice dog, imitating classic dogcow from MacOS 9.


Author: Delta Micro Factory Corporation - 2010-2012

Source : pp3dp

Up! is the software that came with Up and Up+ 3D printer.

The version for Mac used Clarus as its icon from 2010 to 2012, until version 1.4 which came with a classic compagny logo... no more Clarus.

Moof! Notes (iOS)

Author: Catalyttwo limited - 2012

Source : AppStore

Moof! notes is a RTF editor for iOS (iPhone, iPad).

It feature Clarus has its icon... moof!

Moof (widget)

Author: Jamie - 2013

Source : dashboard widgets

Moof is a simple widget for MacOS X. Featuring Clarus.

Just display Clarus and moof! when clicked, very useful for every Clarus fans.