Clarus, the Dogcow : Moof Museum

A museum dedicated to Clarus, the Dogcow (Apple DTS mascot : she can flip, she can do precise alignment, and she moof!)

Collection : Clarus from Apple Inc. Labs (multimedia and software incarnations)

Moof! (sound)

Author: Mark Harlan and Scott Zimmerman - 1989

Mark Harlan and Scott Zimmerman record this sound for the first Developper CD "Phil and Dave's excellent CD".
The sound was made by a mix between a real cow and Scott Zimmerman moofing.

Rollin' Moof & Merry Go Moof (movies)

Author: Guillermo Ortiz and Scott Zimmerman - 1991

Guillermo Ortiz made two QuickTime movies starring Clarus to illustrate an article about QuickTime 1.0 in Develop Magazine #7 : "You Oughta Be in the Movies".

Scott Zimmerman helped with the 3D rendering and composed the musics.

Credits :
Many thanks to Scott 'Zz' Zimmerman for spending long hours rendering the frames used to create the sample movies; more hours were dedicated to creating the sounds used for the accompanying sound tracks.

New Dogcow (movie)

Author: Michael D. Murie (Flying Kiwi production) - 1991

This movie, directed by Michael D.Murie and produced by Flying Kiwi, was on of the CD "QuickTime beta".
This CD feature movies and sample codes to introduce the multimedia system launch in 1991 : QuickTime.

Its a novel about Clarus and System 7.
Plot : After System 7 was installed, Clarus transforms herself into the "New Dogcow" - a kind of 3D Dogcow in armor (!?)
Her adventure was based on the movie "Robocop".
Very strange and somewhat disturbing, but definivly a masterpiece for Clarus Museum.

At the very end, you can see a very cute isometric Clarus : nice design.

Moof Bräu (VR movie)

Author: QuickTime developer team - 1996

A very basic VR movie made by Apple's developpers during the development of Virtual Reality technology inside QuickTime.
It show an interesting beverage called "Moof Bräu", (see link below)

Warning : QTVR is not very compatible with modern system (require QuickTime 7)

Moof Bräu was a real beer, distributed at WWDC 96.

Moofie (movie)

Author: unknown

The smallest known Dogcow.
Discovered by Rand Crippen (QuickTime for Windows team), this little movie shows Clarus flipping and moofing.

Definitively the smallest QuickTime Movie.

Clarus goes VR (VR movie)

Author: George Warner and Joe Cannon - 1996

This is the first interactive Clarus!

Created by the QuickTime developer team as an example of how to create VR movies in "VR Cookbook", this 3D model was later reused to animate Clarus in a simple game, MoofWars, by Timothy Carroll.

This VR movie is a very good way to understand the 2D nature of Clarus in our 3D world, so you can understand why she remains invisible when she's in front of you !

Dave Cotter rebuild the QTVR movie with a higher resolution in 2005.

Warning : QTVR is not very compatible with modern system (require QuickTime 7)