Clarus, the Dogcow : Moof Museum

A museum dedicated to Clarus, the Dogcow (Apple DTS mascot : she can flip, she can do precise alignment, and she moof!)

Collection : Pictures from Apple Inc. Labs (historical items)

"z" glyph from Cairo font

Author: Susan Kare for Apple - 1983-1991
Size : 26x24 pixels

The first incarnation of Clarus, but at that time she was not Clarus, nor a Dogcow.
Image obtained on early Mac by keying "z" with the Cairo bitmap font. The Cairo font was included with the first Macintosh and was design by Susan Kare for Apple in 1983. Susan Kare design many icons, fonts and symbols for the early Macintosh system, including : original desk accessory panel, the trash icon, macpaint icons, geneva font...

At this time, neither the Dogcow nor Clarus have been recognised. No one notices this little dog in the Cairo symbol zoo...
No-one ? Except a few developers working on some printing software (see below)

The Cairo font was included from the first Macintosh (1984) until System 7.1 (1991). Some fan has rebuild a True Type vectorial font as an "hommage".

Clarus from LaserPrinter

Author: Annette Wagner for Apple - 1986

Draft design from Annette Wagner for LaserWriter option dialog. This draft show some figure Annette try to figure the printing setting, including : a hand with a pen (from the default application icon), a toy, a letter, a dog, a gasoline, a bicycle, a music note, a coffe cup and a little dog.

Clarus from LaserPrinter 5 to 8

Author: Annette Wagner for Apple - 1986
Size : 41x32 pixels

This is the "official" Clarus, used in Apple's printing software from 1987 to 2000 (MacOS X introduction), introduce with LaserWriter 5.0.
It's a large version of the previous one.

This animal had no name or species at that time, but in Apple's corridors some began chanting: "Is it a dog, or is it a cow?".

(precision alignment option)

Author: Annette Wagner for Apple - 1986
Size: 34x26 pixels

Used in LaserWriter settings page for "Precision alignment" option, one of the ability of Clarus : she can flip and do precise alignment.
Smaller than the standard one.

Our prefered design at Clarus Musuem, less bovine, really cool Clarus. Moof!

Clarus (app icons)

Author: unknown - 1987 to 1994
Size : 32x32 pixels

Official Apple icons (ICON), used by Apple developper team for sample code software, until 1994.
Used for non-polished software, just samples for developers.

A smaller declinaison of the "precise alignement" version to fit the 32x32 pixels. The head (not scaled) looks a bit too big.


Author: Tom Maremaa - 1996
Size : 16x15 pixels

She was used to illustrate the 'sicn' resource in TechNote #1031 "Dogcow goes VR" by Tom Maremaa.

She's small but she looks so cute. She was called DogCattle in the Technote #1031, but it's just a small interpretation of Clarus (to fit SICN size).

Clarus from Color StyleWriter (color printing)

Author: printer developer team - 1993-2000
Size : 34x26 pixels

Adaptation of standard Clarus when Color StyleWriter printer where available.

Weird version but colorful... Note that Clarus still can Flip, Insert but miss Precise Alignment... More color, less power !

Clarus spining cursor (diskcopy)

Author: unknow - ?
Size : 16x13 pixels

Spining cursor for DiskCopy application. The user can look at Clarus flips while a disk image mount.

It's a very small Clarus : 16x13 pixels. Smaller than the DogCattle, she look weird when she's not animate.

Clarus "more bovine head"

Author: Susan Kare - 1999
Size : 43x34 pixels

Susan Kare has redesigned the LaserWriter Clarus in 1999 to give her a more bovine head and make her look closer to her Cairo original 'z'. And send us this version.

Clarus Museum exclusive. They're only small differences but she looks much better!

Susan Kare official web site

Clarus "HTML sample" button

Author: unknow - 2000

"HTML Sample" was a sample application that demonstration how to use HTMLRenderLib in MacOS9 and Carbon.
Clarus appears in this application as the application icon and as a button in HTML sample pages.

She was adapted from the DiskCopy spining cursor (see above).

Perhaps the last incarnation from Apple labs.

Eastern Egg

Inventor: Josh Meister - 2000

Josh Meister discover a "Moof" Volume when using the Save dialog in MacOS X 10.2.8 with a Classic Application when trying to reach file on a Windows 2000 server.

EasternEgg detailed on his blog.

Last Icon ?

Author: Hui Zhang - 2007

On january 2007, Hui Zhang made a trip in California and visit Apple Campus at Cupertino.
He made a photo gallery on its flickr account with one representing Clarus as a sort of sticker on a glass or a glass engraved.

He call the picture "moof" and comment : "the only dogcow icon i can find on campus, i guess apple has really moving forward".

Reference in Swift

Author: Apple - 2014

On 2014 Apple introduce a new language to program software with iOS or OSX: Swift.
Inside the documention Kelly Young found a reference to Clarus the DogCow. Not every developer at Apple Inc. has forgotten Clarus...

Clarus is used to illustrate that constant and variable name can contain any Unicode character, so an example used a variable named with with unicode icons : a dog and a cow and is assigned to the value "dogcow".

Swift Language Guide : the Basics