Clarus, the Dogcow : Moof Museum

A museum dedicated to Clarus, the Dogcow (Apple DTS mascot : she can flip, she can do precise alignment, and she moof!)

Collection : Real World, Clarus on your walls or screen captured

Clarus escape in many places and lot of office has a printed Clarus paper on their wall or screen capture.
Clarus was used to figure print setup, normal that she was printed...


Author: HTPC - 2004

Source : htpc (computer watching)

Htpc kept page on its web site for the computer it use. One page for its glorious PowerBook 100.

Many pictures, we can see its harddrive icon is Clarus.


Author: Damian Ward - 2008

Source: Damian_Ward (flickr)

Damian took a picture of its Macintosh Classic displying Clarus.

See more from Damian just below.

Nerve Center

Author: Ross - 2009

Source : Voxphoto (flickr)

Ross pictured his office (Nerve Center), setup for intense vinyl digitization.
According to what we can see on its walls, Ross was also a geek.

Of course, there is Clarus but also many old computer storage supports


Author: Damian Ward - 2009

Source: Damian_Ward (flickr)

Damian made several XPresse 3.11 screen capture, one starring Clarus.

Clarus is also the icon for the hard drive of its SE/30 !


Author: ThreeSmile - 2010

Source : threemile (flickr)

Clarus (Cairo) drawn on a sheet of paper, very nice.



Proper Usage of the Dogcow Icon

Author: Department of Berated Surfaces - 2011

Source : Tanya Rabourne (flickr)

Tanya pictured a very interesting note at the Goodwill Computer Museum (Austin) related to Clarus.
This note "Proper usage of the Dogcow Icon" was made by the "Department of Berated Surfaces, Bulletin No 334".

It show variations with Clarus Icon in different situation : faux marble background, trademarked, dead, compressed, sexual and inverted.

This document list some not-proper usage of the DogCow icon...


Author: Methinkin - 2011

Source : methinkin (flickr)

Methinkin put a screen capture of the spinning icon of DiskCopy while mounting a volume.
The complete animation is also a movie on youtube.

Clarus Watch

Author: Roberto Baldwin - 2012

Source : Roberto Baldwin (mlkshk)

My latest Mac with Clarus the Dogcow keeping watch. Moof!


Author: Christopher Bruce Sabine - 2012

Source : thechristopheb (instagram)

think dogcow

Author: unknown

Clarus (Cairo) drawn on a sheet of paper, very nice.
Unfortunally we lost the source (google image can't help us).


Author: unknown

Unfortunally we lost the source (google image can't help us).

I think it was a sample on Apple web site to explain the use of Adress Book.

Keep awy from Razor

Author: John Skyler - 2014

Source : skyler (flickr)

John took a picture of a very strange sign : "keep away from razor". One warning is envolving Clarus.