Clarus, the Dogcow : Moof Museum

A museum dedicated to Clarus, the Dogcow (Apple DTS mascot : she can flip, she can do precise alignment, and she moof!)

Collection : Outside Apple (collectibles)

Clarus as the mascott of the Apple DTS team has inspired many.
Here discover all objects made around Clarus that was once available for sales, many t-shirts...
We have a separate collection form the few objects made by Apple Inc and another collection for home-made objects.


Source : theapplecollection

Old badges with Clarus.

Apple jacket

Unfortunnally we lost the source for this old jacket.


Folders starring Clarus, source has been lost.


Spencer is the youngest Clarus fan.
Source has been lost for the original.


Pet moof & doggie mat

Source : dougintosh (

During mid-90 some shop sells moof pet bowl and the doggie mat... WTF

More about moof section in dougintosh in our "Pictures Collection"

Pet moof in use

Author: Dan Frommer - 2010

Source : @fromedome (twitpic)

The above pet bowl has been sells and some use it nowdays !

Watch dog

Author: Mark Johnson - 1997

Source : maccollection

A Rare watch with very small logo, featuring Clarus.

Beach Towel

Author: RedLigthRunner - 1999

Source : RedLightRunner

Very rare multicolor Apple towel, in the six-colors of the classic logo, with five classic icons, and the Apple logo. Approximately 4 ft.

Sold Out!


Author: RedLigthRunner - 1999

Source : RedLightRunner (

Very rare multicolor Apple towel, in the six-colors of the classic logo, with five classic icons, and the Apple logo. Approximately 4 ft.

Sold Out!


Author: RedLigthRunner - 1999

Source : RedLightRunner (

The classic moof t-shirt.


Author: RedLigthRunner - 1999

Source : RedLightRunner (

Apple Kid watch

Author: RedLigthRunner - 1999

Source : electrogen - 2012

Sells as "Apple kid watch" during the 90.

Electrogen used picture from this vintage watch to illustrate an article in 2013 : "the Apple iWatch exists !"


Author: unknow

Source has been lost for the original.

Apple Store The Grove, grand opening

Author: Deb - 2002

Source : ifoapplestore

Deb took pictures of the grand opening of The Grove (Apple Store), featuring a "reverse low-five" with a customer...
he wore a dogcow t-shirt !

Crypto dogcow

Author: S. Hardy - 2002

Source : shardy (

S. Hardy design its own "crypto dogcow t-shirt" and sell them from 2002 to 2011.


Author: Tex Longhorn - 2003

Source : dslreports (forum)

Tex show this t-shirt he found at home on dslreport forum : all things macintosh

Moof pad

Author: unknow - 2003

Source : ebay

A moof pad with certificat (WTF) sold in 2003 on ebay.

Girlie Mac

Author: girliemac - 2004

Source : dressroom (

Girlie Mac dress room propose to dress a girl, one t-shirt option was moof!

Moof Geek

Author: unknow - 2004

Source has been lost for the original picture.

This picture is often use since 2004 on macintosh/geek forum when the discussing goes to "hot babe"...

Moof Lives

Author: Karl - 2005

Source : etalk (flickr)

"I miss dogcow" said Karl...


Author: Paul Schreiber - 2005

Source : paul (flickr)

Calvin says moof!

Dogcow gone

Author: Jonathan Dodds - 2005

Source : jrdodds (blog)

"I guess I should stop wearing my dogcow t-shirt. It might become a collectible."

Dogcow t-shirt

Author: Jessy

Source : HeartOfBlackRose (photobucket)

Probably a home-made t-shirt.

Moof carpet

Source has been lost.


Source : bibojim & mapleridgeauction (ebay)

Some sells vintage moof pencil on ebay.


Author: Jonathan Green - 2006

Source : atmasphere (flickr)

"Sat 06/24/2006 09:33 Dogcow Today's shirt"

Large sticker

Author: Andy Ihnatko - 2006

Source : andyi (flickr)

"This was the perfect MIT Flea purchase:

1) Utterly and immediately awesome;

2) Cheap (a buck)

3) A second after you pick it up and pay for it, someone behind you says "Aw, but I was gonna buy that!""


Author: MacForce - 2006

Source has been lost for this special 70' t-shirt.

Clarus the Dogcow

Author: FuzzyD

Source : RedBubble (photobucket)


iStickers classic

Author: FHKE - 2006

Source : fhke (flickr)

A serie of stickers inspired by classic Mac design, including Clarus.


Author: Justin Knol - 2006

Source : justinknol (flickr)

"relic of previous employment"

We could assumed Justin once work for Apple Inc.


Author: Luis Villa del Campo - 2007

Source : luisvilla (flickr)

Luis pictured its preferred t-shirts : starring Clarus.

"Un poco de memorabilia Mac, Docgcow, Freehand y Retrolambreta. Sin planchar."


Author: foofshop - 2009

Source : dirtymouse (flickr)

Dirtymouse pictured a foofbag for MacBook... "moof - is it a dogcow foofbag?" he says.
foofbag came from foofshop, on on-line shop for Apple Computer's, unfortunnally the dogcow foofbag is discontinued...


Author: buscavides - 2010

Source : ephemerial t-shirt (blog)

This blog present each day a t-shirt.

the dogcow goes moof!

Author: bjdaly - 2010

Source : bjdaly (flickr)

"My workmate has a father who worked for Apple back in the day.
He did some digging around his garage and found this very cool mouse mate

Geeky badges

Author: Sam - 2012

Source : purplelime (flickr)

Special badges for mac's geek, including some old classic icons (including Clarus) and the modern spinning wheel of death...

DTS Sticker

Author: Jim Stoneham - 2012

Source : jimstoneham (twitter)

Jim has a sticker on his car featuring Clarus, but the sticker is now (very) old.

"Clarus sticker on my car has seen better days #moof #dogcow #dts"

Can't decide

Author: Tom Gidden - 2013

Source : tomgidden (instagram)

Tom can't decide which t-shirt to wear today, can you help him ?